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About AirCrewConnect

At AirCrew Connect, we are passionate about connecting aviation companies and aircrew around the world. Our business was founded in 2001 and out platforms built in 2017 with the mission of helping both the airline and corporate sectors find the best candidates to lift their businesses to the next level.

We understand that finding qualified crew can be a challenging task, which is why we have developed a multi-platform provider of information that specialises in advertising the best aviation jobs around. Our platform also offers recruiters, airlines and corporate flight departments the ability to find candidates quickly with our connections portal.

What sets us apart from other recruitment platforms is our focus on integrity, honesty, and transparency. We do not believe in playing crew off against each other to maximise profits, and instead, we strive to create an environment where both employers and employees can benefit in the recruitment process with AI tools and integration.

Our platform provides the crew members the ability to upload their profiles and store their aviation documents whilst the recruiters have features to help them process the candidates quickly. These features also allow the crew members to show their calendar availability, upload their professional gallery and see their status of their applications in their recruitment journey with the recruiter. Recruiters and crew members are both equally informed when applications arrive together with each stage of the processing making it better and quicker for both sides.

At AirCrew Connect, we offer a full-time job hunting and short-term contracting platform that provides aviation professionals with the tools they need to succeed. We are committed to helping both employers and employees find their perfect match and to creating a community that values transparency, honesty, and integrity. Register with us today and take your career to the next level! Its as easy as A, B, C.


Aviation is an expensive business to be involved in. Finding that dream job shouldn’t cost the earth, nor should it waste your precious time in finding it either.


We offer quick and easy job searches, based upon profiles or specific job types. Never before have flight departments and recruiters been so well connected to each other.


We work with everyone in aviation but we are focused on getting you connected with right people and making sure you dont get a bumpy ride.

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What Our Users Say

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Matthias, Munich, Germany.

I have used AirCrewConnect quite a lot over the past few years for full time and freelance job searching. I have always found the platform to be user friendly and easy to use. Each job application I've made always kept me in the loop as to where my application was in the system. Why can't other platforms do this!

Yasmin, London, UK.

Freelance job searches - OMG. This is so easy! Why have I only just found this?!

Claude, Paris, France.

Building a crew profile on AirCrewConnect is so easy. I thought I would have to pay - buts its totally free. Applying for jobs is smooth and simple and I can even chat with the recruiter directly.

Karl, Van Nuys, USA.

I have found so many freelance contracts through ACC. It's Simple & Easy. Having all my documents in one place the flight department can access them immediately. I don't need to waste my time elsewhere.

Stephanie, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Ive used AirCrewConnect for 3 years now. I started off on the 'Lite' Plan and now have 'Pro'. It makes my applications and document transfer so easy. I absolutely love this!!

Claire, Melbourne, Australia.

I thought it was just another job site. I was so wrong! Lots of jobs, and easy applications and I even got feedback! First Time EVER whilst applying for a job.

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